The Tahoe Truckee Democratic Club

Our Goals:

  1. To advance the views of the Democratic Party on a local, state, and national level.
  2. To recruit and promote candidates of the Democratic Party for local, regional, state and national elected offices.  
  3. To increase the number of registeredDemocrats in our community and to increase voter turnout.
  4. To collaborate with other organizations to promote the principles and values of the Democratic Party in our community.
  5. To provide an opportunity for area residents to participate in a significant way in the election campaign process.  
  6. To provide a forum for area residents to discuss and explore issues of local, state, national and international importance.
  7. To engage in community services and to participate in community activities.
  8. To raise funds for Democratic campaigns.
  9. To educate and inform voters about issues.
  10. To publicize our efforts and values through traditional media, social media, and community organizations.

Our Leadership:

Nicole Lutkemuller - Co-chair
Paco Lindsay - Co-chair
Lorrie Poch - Vice Chair
Allison Pedley - Secretary
John Henry Beyer - Treasurer
Nikki Caravelli - Communications

All of the above can be reached at