GOTV Canvassing with an "Away-Team" From Sonoma

Join a group of about 10 volunteers from Sonoma County who will be in our area to canvas "midterm skippers", registered democrats who voted in the general elections but failed to vote in the last primary election. You won't be promoting any candidates or issues, just asking folks to go to the polls and vote. The target is fellow democrats who, in our red district, are usually happy to see you, making for easier conversations for first time canvassers. Voters are asked to sign a free voting "reminder" postcard  for June and one for November, which will be mailed to them about 2 weeks prior to the election. All volunteers are trained at the beginning of every event and paired with folks so no one goes out alone. Each pair covers a turf of only about 25 voters so completion takes only about 2 hours. Most of the volunteers say it's the easiest canvassing they've ever done. AND, it could be the most effective since by turning out more democrats, you will be helping ALL democratic candidates on the ballot. Ideally we would pair each away-team volunteer with a local who knows the area.

Since they will be staging from a private residence please RSVP for specific details. 

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May 20, 2018 at 12pm - 4pm
Ellen Debach-Riley

Will you come?